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You’ve lived in the sleepy seaside village of Baileytown your whole life. Under the watchful eye of your grandad Dagris Screbin, you’ve learned tricks from the local fishermen and heard tales of wonder from the passing merchants. Yet here you’ve stayed, happily watching the tide come and go.

But now it’s time to leave your home and see some of these wonders for yourself. Your grandad’s old friend Alf Blomwell has sent word from the far-off swamp town of Hatcheria. Something is amiss. Something that will threaten all Brighthelm. An ancient evil has awoken. Or has it?

Dagris says Alf has been going slowly senile for years, and he was pretty odd to start with. However, he’s not taking any chances. He’s sending you, his best adventurer across lands unknown to find out what has panicked old Alf.

The Curse of Saltash Mine is an adventure gamebook in which YOU are the hero. Armed with pencil, eraser and dice, you will decide which paths to take and which dangers to risk.

This new special edition adds difficulty settings and an achievements list to the original game. It also adds Story time with Dagris - two brand new adventures set in Brighthelm’s distant past!

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