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Prepare yourself for a tiny tin adventure set in the coastal town of Coppershell Bay. You play a lowly skinner at the local maggot farm who has 3 days to pay back their debt of 60 Gems to the local Crows gang. You’ll spend these days exploring the town trying trying to earn money, the nights resting, eating and working extra shifts at the farm. Any time between you’ll be taking on quests for the miners’ guild, venturing into the dangerous tunnels underground.

The Crows of Coppershell Bay is a game of luck pushing, coin counting, dungeon crawling and village living for 1 player. It's the first in the Tiny Tin Tales series, a collection of portable games set in the world of Brighthelm.

Currently available to pre order, this game will be available to ship sometime around October 2024.


Coppershell Bay is a living breathing town with 8 different Locations to visit:

COPPERSAND: Visit here to catch fish to sell at market, or beachcomb the sand looking for any treasures that might be washed up on the shore.

THE MARKET: You can buy and sell useful tools here. They'll also buy your fish.

BURROW GLADE: The glade is home to all sorts of useful forageables which can be sold at the Chemists' Guild or turned into powerful brews. You can also rest here.

CHEMISTS' GUILD: They'll buy your forageables and sell you brews, but they'll also let you use their facilities to create your own.

THE CROWS' NEST: You daren't set foot in here until you've earned what you owe.

MINERS' GUILD: The guild always have some Quests for you to take on. Dare you face the dark dangers of the mines?

SCRAPYARD: This is a useful place to dig around for materials which can be turned into tools, Gems or experience points.

BAY CARNIVAL: The carnival is in town! Come here to visit the all-knowing seer, eat some toffee apples and play a selection of push-your-luck mini games for Gems.

As you play, the game will react to your actions and how well you are doing by evolving certain Locations to make them more challenging. 


As well as earning money above ground, you can also venture into the network of mines that run beneath Coppershell Bay.

Fight nests of scuttlers, forage for rare mushrooms, rescue lost villagers and more across 6 different Quests, each with its own backstory and map comprising all sorts of encounters, from libraries and magic wells, to evil jelly cubes and bandits.

As you earn experience, you'll gain access to more challenging Quests with bigger rewards. 


Despite being a small game, there's a lot of heavy lifting being done by the game's main Story deck. The cards are arranged to resolve all sorts of actions, such as fishing, digging, foraging, looting and acquiring. They also handle all your encounters during Quests, be they tranquil groves or frenzied wraiths. Add this to all the different choices you can make along the way, there's a lot of stories to be told in this little bayside town.

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