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Explore Brighton and all its nooks and crannies in this special 10th anniversary edition. With illustrations by the wonderful Lisa Holdcroft, BN1 takes you back into the heart of Brighton and its sights, history and eccentrics.

With almost 300 playing cards covering everything from Pride to Brighton Rock, a board running all the way from Devils Dyke to the Marina, 5 distinct characters to play and an overhauled gaming system, this is the definitive version of BN1: A Board Game All About Brighton.

Prices include shipping with tracking and insurance. They don't include import duties or taxes for overseas.


Brighton's all set up and waiting to be explored! Will you be an explorer,

determined to find all this city has to offer? Or maybe a showgoer, keen to see a bit of local culture? There are 5 distinct players you can be, each with their own special abilities and goals.


The sightseer pops into a shop in North Laine and buys a birdy whistle. Nothing like it to annoy your fellow players!


Between adventures, the explorer stops off at Pavilion Gardens for a picnic. 


The historian wanders down to West Street where they learn all about Minnie Turner, the Brightonian suffragette.

The explorer reaches their destination - Shabitat, the second hand superstore. What should they do now they're there?


There's plenty of of encounters to have in BN1 - bump into local legends, visit city events going on or learn some of Brighton's history. And even if you get mugged, pooped on by pigeons or lost, it'll still be a good story to tell.


There's no shortage of shops in Brighton to visit. Here you can tool yourself up with all kinds of useful equipment. Buy instruments to busk with, weird old pieces of Brighton memorabilia to show off, and a plethora of strange and wonderful tools to help you win the game. Keep an eye on your purse though - money isn't easy to come by!


Explore the sights of Brighton, from well-trodden tourist spots such as The Pavilion and The Palace Pier, all the way to its lesser known gems such as Shabitat and the iron age Hollingbury Hill Fort. Take in culture, history, sport, shopping and entertainment all the way from Stanmer Park to The Marina. And what you do when you find these places is up to you!


With a whole city at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? WELL?

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