Paupers' Ladder

A game of adventure, virtue and crafting set in a vast world of danger and wonder.


Explore the city of Brighton in this open-ended game of discovery. Now in its 3rd and final edition.

BN1: Escape From The Lanes

Be the first player to get all 4 pawns out of the labyrinth that is the Lanes in this strategic minigame.


Brighton has been overrun by zombies in this blood
soaked sequel to BN1. Now in its 2nd, improved edition.

ZomBN1: Sewage Panic

A group of survivors has escaped into Brighton's sewers in this co-operative minigame for 1-4 players.

BN1: Source Edition

This quick roll-and-move game featured in Source magazine in 2012.

BN1: Festive Frenzy

This present-gathering game was a free game given out at Christmas fairs during 2016. 

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