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Paupers' Ladder is an award-winning epic of high adventure and class struggle. Take part in Garolium's tournament and learn virtues in order to rule the land, then expand your adventure further with The Moon Towers.

Currently out of print, Paupers' Ladder will be returning with a 2nd edition later this year.
Expand the world of Brighthelm with some Paupers' Ladder expansions! Add a new adventure with The Moon Towers, widen your horizons with This Cobbled Isle, or sample horror with The Brighthelm Bodachs or Christmas with The Gift Bearers.
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BN1: A Board Game All About Brighton is 10 years old! This special anniversary edition features illustrations from Lisa Holdcroft, and sees a decade's worth of new features and refinements. Come and spend a day in my hometown.
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