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A Board Game All About Brighton

Brighton is a city where all sorts of world collide on a daily basis. And in BN1 you can explore any of them: stick to the tourist trail or explore off the beaten track, stalk local celebrities or encounter homegrown eccentrics, go shopping, busking, picnicking, on foot, by bike or bus. Heck, you can even sit in a park and watch the world go by.

Players compete to have the most interesting day out. Starting at Brighton station with £50 and a day saver, the aim is to score 50 points then return. Points are scored by reaching destinations, buying interesting tat and finding city events and secrets.

This is the 3rd and final edition of BN1, and has as much of the spirit of Brighton as it's possible to cram into a box. Familiar sights jostle with lesser known secrets and characters, and it's the only chance you'll have to go to Pride, The Great Escape and Burning of the Clocks all in one afternoon.

BN1 was originally published in November 2012 with a print run of 500 copies. A second edition of 540 copies was released two months later, and a third and final edition of 1100 copies in 2015. It is now out of print.

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