"The artwork and theme tie in very well and combined with exceptional playability provide an experience that

will not soon be forgotten. Exploring and seeing what the world of Brighthelm has to offer is a rewarding endeavour." Meeple Gamers

"An appealing adventure game, the attractive art and light text add hugely to the charm of Paupers' Ladder. The tension of the game builds as players' adventures unfold. What starts off as quite separate and independent explorations from the four separate starting points in the game becomes increasingly interactive as the initially very open board begins to fill with cards, forcing players to spread further afield. We've greatly enjoyed our plays of the prototype version of Paupers' Ladder." Board's Eye View


"I really enjoyed my time playing Paupers' Ladder. I've played this with my 13 year old daughter. She really enjoyed the gameplay, she wanted to play it a second time so we sat down and played it again almost immediately.  If you like Talisman but don't like the sometimes 3-4 hour game it can turn into, this might be a great alternative to that. It gives you a taste of that Talisman gameplay with the exploration of the tiles, the map and the world that you're in. I played it with my regular gaming group and we had a lot of fun with it." The Chubby Meeple

"Paupers' ladder is a fun game.  I enjoyed playing it a lot, and am looking forward to playing it again. It is a delightful little game, that is simple at its core, but has plenty of options on how to play.  It accomplishes its theme, and has a delightful companion mechanic to keep the game moving, and the encounters all feel distinct." The Hungry Gamer

"The beauty of Pauper’s Ladder is it simplicity and it’s tribute to classic games. It is a game rich in theme, it’s a low stress game of discovery of a fantasy realm that is familiar, and has Paul’s unique vision to colour it to make it something truly special. A family game that any child of the late 70s / early 80s should be more than happy to introduce the younger new generation of gamers to." I Play Red

I am really excited about this game - I love its twist on the whole exploration genre.Jorge Zhang

"A fun, solid game!" Unfilted Gamer

"The movement is exciting and often nerve-wracking, the game's combat system is simple and intuitive and,
being the big lefty, liberal commie snowflake that I am, the game speaks to me." Boardgamegeek

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