By Paul Stapleton





Fantasy / magic theme with light RPG elements


A gateway level competitive game


Branching narratives and open world elements


An affectionate nod to vintage fantasy


Each player has 2 unique characters

to control

Multiple ways to win

A world that evolves

and changes as you explore it

Quick turns with minimal downtime

Climb from the very bottom of the pile!

There’s a tournament on and those high and mighty heroes aren’t allowed to enter. It’s up to you grave diggers, vermin catchers and scavengers to show them how it’s done.

With your bird companion in tow, craft recipes, complete quests, learn virtues and fight all manner of creatures. Win the right to rule Brighthelm and ensure your fellow paupers are never forgotten.

Box: 260x260x48mm, 1.25kg
EAN: 672975075699
RRP: £33
Due: September 2019

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