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One Lonely Pauper sees you take your Pauper and Bird companion on a Brighthelm adventure in one of these three scenarios:

Garolium's Tournament: This is the standard Paupers' Ladder game, rewritten to be played solo. Learn 3 Virtues and take your place as ruler of the realm before one of your competitors beats you to it.

The Saltash Necromancer: Freshly risen from the grave, this sorcerer has swamped  Brighthelm's cities with his undead army. Defeat them then hunt him down to his subterranean lair, but don't forget to arm yourself with the only weapon known to stop him - the mythical spirit blade.

The Fiery Siege: Dragons have attacked your home city. Stranded on the other side of Brighthelm, you must visit the arcane libraries to learn the dragonfire recipe, then make your way into your city unseen to take on the dragons from within.

One Lonely Pauper is available to buy as an A5 booklet from here. You can also download it as a PDF below:

1: Rulebook

Full colour version

Printer friendly version (with black and white cover and no inside cover artwork)

2: Sheet of tokens



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