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Christmas in Brighthelm is a small print-and-play add-on for Paupers' Ladder which adds 2 festive Paupers: Nessie Halfstrum, a lute playing elf who can earn money busking around the cities, and Ol' Craggy, a bearded old gent in a tatty red road with an endless sack of gifts to discover.

It also adds a new Bird companion, the robin who can be trained to keep exploring when they find Ingredients.

Lastly, each of the new Paupers has a Special Quest only they can complete.

I hope you enjoy this expansion - it's the first of many free, print-and-play add-ons I've got planned :-)

You can either download it from Boardgamegeek or here. The .zip folder contains the rules, a readme file, and the PDFs for each of the new cards.

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