Pauper's Ladder, plus a free copy of
The Curse of Saltash Mine adventure gamebook
(£33 including UK postage)

There's a tournament on and the usual well heeled heroes aren't allowed to take part. It's up to you grave diggers, rat catchers and street magicians to show them how its done.

Along with your bird companion, take your pauper on an epic adventure as they compete to learn 3 of the 5 virtues: generosity, knowledge, bravery, fellowship and magnificence.

A game for 2 players, this is a tale of high adventure and class struggle.

Comes with a free copy of the adventure gamebook The Curse of Saltash Mine. This book is set in the Paupers' Ladder world of Brighthelm, and is written in the style of Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf and Grail Quest.

UK: £33

Europe: £36

Rest of world: £40

The massive Bedsit Games board game and comic book bundle
(£55 including UK postage)

This is the Bedsit Games lockdown special, priced as cheaply as I can possibly manage. For your money you get:

* Paupers' Ladder
* ZomBN1: A Board Game All About Zombie Infested Brighton
* The Curse of Saltash Mine adventure gamebook
* A copy of each of the 4 comic books I wrote and draw that I still have in stock

* A piece of original ink artwork from one of them.

UK: £55

Europe: £62

Rest of world: £80