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Prepare yourself for a tiny tin adventure set in the coastal town of Coppershell Bay. You play a lowly skinner at the local maggot farm who has 3 days to pay back their debt of 60 Gems to the local Crows gang.

You’ll spend these days exploring the town trying trying to earn money, the nights resting, eating and working extra shifts at the farm. Any time between you’ll be taking on quests for the miners’ guild, venturing into the dangerous tunnels underground.

The Crows of Coppershell Bay is a game of luck pushing, coin counting, dungeon crawling and village living for 1 player. It is the first in the Tiny Tin Tales series, all set in Brighthelm.

Tiny Tin Tales #1: The Crows of Coppershell Bay PREORDER

Expected to ship during October 2024
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