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“That’s the problem with adventures. Just when you think you’ve seen all there is to see, something new springs to life in front of your very eyes. A village tucked away in an obscure woodland, a piece of treasure sparkling beneath a forgotten stone, and always a new exciting and dangerous quest to embark upon. It’s time to come back home and see what’s changed.”

The New Dawn Chorus contains everything you need to play the new, 2nd edition of Paupers’ Ladder. You’ll find brand new decks of Region, Quest, Equipment, Rarity, Outcome, Bird and Recipe cards, as well as the tokens required to play the new Survival Mode. This rulebook will talk you through everything that’s new or different about the game. In most respects everything works the same way as before, but there are some minor changes in the set up and the rules and these are detailed herein. In addition, there’s an abundance of new places to see and dangers to explore across all the decks. I hope you enjoy this brand new take on the world of Brighthelm. You’ll find new places to explore, more dangers to face, and a whole new adventure to be had.

The New Dawn Chorus (2nd edition upgrade pack for Paupers' Ladder) PREORDER

Expected to ship during October 2024
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