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It's back! After selling out earlier this year, this second edition of Paupers' Ladder brings the game back with lots of new cards, features, refinements and general tweaks and fiddles.

With your Pauper and faithful Bird companion, set out again on your journey to learn Virtues across the wild realms of Brighthelm. Battle with a huge variety of creatures, gather ingredients to craft powerful recipes and complete all manner of quests for the goodfolk of Brighthelm's city regions. 

Along with the other new features in the game, you can now choose to play in Survival mode, where you can be injured in combat. Take too many hits and it's off to the city healer with you!


Available now to pre order, I'm expecting Paupers' Ladder to be ready and on the shelves by October 2024.



"A game with epic scope that gives players a sense of their own charming narrative."

Tabletop Gaming Magazine


"Exceptional playability. Exlporing and seeing what the world of Brighthelm has to offer is a rewarding endeavour."

Meeple Gamers


"The beauty of Paupers' Ladder is its simpliciaty and its tribute to classic games. Something truly special."
I Play Red


"Paupers' Ladder is delightful. Easily the most charming game I have placed in recent memory." Hungry Gamer


"In the age of overproduced games to hide their mediocrity this gem dazzles. Simple but rich in nuances, this game is not only charming but very funny."


"An appealing adventure game. The attractive art adds hugely to the charm of Paupers' Ladder." Board's Eye View


"If you like Talisman then this, with its exploration of the world you're in, is a great alternative."
The Chubby Meeple


"As a gameschooling mom, I love any games that let my kids work on their storytelling and creativity, and Paupers' Ladder definitely fits the bill."
Everything Board Games


“This is a lovely, gentle game with real depth in the background story and world. The look and feel is fantastic.”
Imagination Gaming

"Charmingly straightforward with lots of choices. An excellently presented, vast, neast and tidy adventure game. "
Northern Dice

“I love the whole feel of Paupers Ladder - a game that is charming, and a world that just encourages me to want to spend time in it and explore it - quite magnificent!"
Dungeon Dive


“I have had a great time playing Paupers’ Ladder and would suggest you check this out you’re after a twist on the genre.”
The Friendly Board Gamer


“What an incredible outing! I am most definitely returning for more stories very soon!”

Paupers' Ladder (2nd edition) PREORDER

Expected to ship during October 2024
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