The Moonlighters is a print-and-play expansion for Paupers’ Ladder. It adds the following elements to the game, any or all of which can be used.

36 Talent cards: Talent cards give your Pauper and/or Bird special skills, bonuses and tasks. Each player chooses 1 Talent at the start of the game, and gains another each time they learn a Virtue.

10 Special Quest cards: Special Quests are Quests that can only be completed by the player they belong to. They involve your Pauper carrying out a series of tasks, and are placed in your Journal once they are completed. They count towards learning the Virtue of fellowship as normal.

3 Game Variant cards: Any or all of these can be added to make small variations to the game.

The Moonlighters can be downloaded from here or Boardgamegeek.

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