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This page collects all the questions about Paupers' Ladder's rules that I've received, as well as any clarifications or errata that may have surfaced.

If you think anything should be added here, please let me know via the contact page.


Q: When you discard Gems and cards from your Trophy Room as the result of drawing cards (for instance selling a pest to the swamp lady, or paying a guild for their services), do these count towards learning the Virtues of generosity and bravery?

A: No. When Gems or cards from your Trophy Room are discarded in this way, they are not counted towards learning the associated Virtue. 

* To learn the Virtue of generosity, you must discard the full given number of Gems from your Purse (40 in a player game, 30 in a 3-4 player game) during your turn.

* To learn the Virtue of bravery, you must do likewise with the full given number of Strength points from your Trophy Room (40 in a player game, 30 in a 3-4 player game).


Q: When buying an Equipment card from a City Shop, do you look at the top card in the City Shop deck or all of them?

A: All of them. You peek at all the cards in the City Shop deck (i.e. the Equipment cards in the City Region your character is in. There will be at least 5 cards in this deck). You may buy any 1 of these cards. The rest are returned to the board.


Q: When you draw the toll bridge card, do you pay a toll immediately?

A: No. You don't pay a toll when the card is drawn. Only when you explore the Region it  already occupies.


The smiling face icon has been displayed twice on this card, giving two different results for the same dice roll.

The correct version is shown on the right (below if you're viewing this on a phone). The third result (Collect 3 Gems) should show the open-mouthed smiling face icon instead.

HANDY TIP: If you have a fine line marker pen, this card is easy to correct by hand!


Late in the day, I removed 5 Region cards and 1 Quest card, and added 7 Equipment cards in their place. Unfortunately this wasn't reflected in the rulebook, which gives the incorrect quantities for these decks. The correct quantities are as follows:

Region cards: 235 (not 240 as stated)
Quest cards: 34 (not 35 as stated)
Equipment cards: 57 (not 50 as stated)

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