There’s a tournament on and those high and mighty heroes aren’t allowed to enter. It’s up to you grave diggers, vermin catchers and scavengers to show them how it’s done.

With your pauper and bird companion, explore a world teeming with wonder and danger in this game of highadventure and class struggle!

Choose a pauper and a bird companion to accompany you on your adventure.

Explore the mountains, mines, swamps, forests and beaches of Brighthelm, each with their own hazards, sights and wonders.

Fight a wide variety of creatures using weapons, potions and lucky charms.

Gather wild ingredients to craft useful recipes.

Spend gems at city shops to buy all manner of equipment and tools.

Through your actions deeds, learn 3 of the 5 different virtues and win the tournament.

Download the rulebook and get a head start on the opposition! Click on the image below to download the 12 page PDF (Note: This link will take you to the file repository of


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